Sony Bravia A8H is an exceptional OLED TV with the game changing X1 Ultimate processor

Sony Bravia A8H
(Image credit: Sony)

The Bravia A8H is Sony’s latest OLED TV, and from the looks of things is really a standout piece. The OLED panel of course means that you have truly phenomenal picture quality, but driving those incredible pictures is Sony’s game changer X1 ultimate processor. Regardless of what kind of panel your screen has - LED, QLED, or OLED, it’s ultimately the processor that makes the most difference. 

If you don’t have a capable enough processor, then you’ll quickly see some glaring flaws. Pictures won’t show up as crisp, the user interface will start to lag, and overall your experience with your brand new TV is going to be a very poor one.

Fortunately, Sony’s X1 ultimate processor is more than capable of driving a fantastic picture, due to the company’s 20 years of experience in professional content creation, which makes it possible to bring this advanced technology into people’s homes like no one can. The end result is a snappy interface, fantastic picture quality, and an absolutely immersive viewing experience. Everything from watching movies to the fastest action sports – all of it is smooth, sharp, and true to life, thanks to the A8H’s Motion Flow technology. The TV also has a special Netflix calibrated mode when watching Netflix content, to ensure the very best color reproduction, deep blacks, and truly realistic pictures.

Navigating around the A8H is really easy, thanks to the Android user interface. You can easily swap between streaming apps or input sources, and you have access to thousands of apps in the Google Play store. The same smooth Android experience you’re used to on your phone is mirrored to the A8H, and you can easily connect your phone to the TV with the built-in Chromecast. Apple users can also enjoy a similar experience with their iOS devices, as the A8H also supports Apple’s Airplay and HomeKit.

Seamless Arabic voice search

Though voice search on a TV isn’t really a new feature, the A8H sets itself apart. In addition to voice search in 22 languages, the A8H also has full support for Arabic voice search, regardless of dialect. That really makes the TV more accessible to the entire Middle East region instead of having to grab for the remote control. Plus you can get even more great Arabic content with the bundled Shahid app.

Thanks to its iconic slate flush surface design, the A8H will look great no matter where you set it up, as well as sounding fantastic thanks to Acoustic Surface Audio with 2 actuators and 2 subwoofers built right into the screen. While most TVs tend to have speakers located at the bottom of the screen, the A8H turns its entire screen into a speaker, which means that audio comes directly at you for a much more dynamic viewing experience, coupled with Dolby Atmos.

There’s a lot to appreciate about the A8H - a vivid display, surreal sound quality, and an extremely capable X1 processor that ties it all together. The A8H is available now, ranging from AED 5,499 to AED 8,999, so head to your nearest retailer to experience the A8H in person.