The Last Of Us Part I is a ground-up remake for PS5 and PC

Joel from The Last of Us Part I PS5
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While technically revealed at Summer Game Fest, The Last Of Us Part I, a ground-up remake of the PS3 classic for PS5 and PC was accidentally revealed by Sony an hour before the show kicked off.

Sony mistakenly published its store page for The Last Of Us Part I ahead of Summer Game Fest, giving the internet all the chance it needed to snaffle the details, screenshots, and first trailer for the long-rumored remake.

You can see the trailer in action below:

While it obviously looks a lot like the original The Last Of Us, it's interesting to see where the remake really stretches its muscles. "We came up with a process where we could take the original animation we did for the faces and retarget it on these new rigs which have a lot more fidelity," the original game's director Neil Druckmann says.

The original game's art director has been on top of the whole of the remake process, too, letting them stick as closely as possible to the team's intent while also making use of the new technologies and techniques to make it feel like a thoroughly modern game.

Although, it's not just the art that's been overhauled. The AI has been redone, the game now runs at 60fps, and the controls have been improved. The game also now makes use of the PS5's 3D Audio, haptics, and adaptive triggers This will be the definitive version of The Last Of Us.

We don't have long to play it on PS5, the release date for The Last of Us Part I is September 2, 2022.

Ellie in The Last Of Us Part I

(Image credit: Sony)

There are three versions of The Last Of Us Part I to choose from: the standard edition, which will cost $69.99 USD / €79.99 EUR (no UK pricing currently available).

Then there's the Digital Deluxe edition which costs $79.99 USD / €89.99 EUR which comes with these added extras:

  • Increased Crafting Speed Skill 
  • Increased Healing Speed Skill 
  • 9mm Reload Speed Increase Upgrade  
  • Rifle Clip Capacity Increase Upgrade  
  • Explosive Arrows Gameplay Modifier 
  • Dither Punk Filter 
  • Speedrun Mode 
  • Six Weapon Skins: Black Gold 9mm Pistol, Silver Filigree 9mm Pistol, Rubber Tactical Shotgun, Sculpted Oak Shotgun, Arctic White Bow, Carbon Black Bow

And, finally, there's the Firefly edition, the price of which is still to be confirmed but it comes with:

  • A Steelbook display case
  • The Last of Us: American Dreams #1 - #4 comics reprint with new cover art
  • And 'early in-game unlocks' 

Let's hope all PlayStation exclusives get remade as lovingly.

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