Step up singletons! Microsoft reveals UK pricing for Office 365 Personal

Step up singletons Microsoft reveals UK pricing for Office 365 Personal

Microsoft's subscription-based Office 365 service has officially launched the new Personal plan in the UK.

The annual service, which allows users to unlock Microsoft Office for iPad or Windows tablets and also download the suite for local use on a single PC or Mac, was announced for US users yesterday.

A little over 24-hours later Microsoft has revealed the UK pricing at £59.99 for the entire year, or £5.99 per month for cloud-based access to the likes of Word, PowerPoint and Excel and OneNote.

Outlook access is not included, but subscribers do get 60 minutes of Skype credit per month, as well as another 20GB of OneDrive storage space for documents and files.

Repeat business

Microsoft is hoping to transition its users to annual subscriptions in a bid to bring in money from users every year, rather than just through a one-off purchase of its Office suite.

It's hoping the convenience of availability across multiple devices via the cloud will be dangling a large enough carrot to encourage that repeat business.

Office 365 has been available in the UK for quite some time, but this Personal plan is the cheapest yet and ideal for those looking to use the suite on an iPad.

Via Inquirer