Microsoft wants to make clean installing Windows 10 as easy as possible

Windows 10

Microsoft is working on a way to make performing a clean install of Windows 10 as simple a matter as possible, with the introduction of a new tool for the OS.

This fact was announced by a Program Manager on the Windows Insider Engineering team at Redmond, who said that an incoming preview build of Windows 10 would see the tool included soon enough.

He announced: "Want a simple and easy way to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows? Looking for an easy way to do this? We're working on a tool to make this possible."

Apparently the team is working on the final stages of testing and putting the finishing touches to the feature. Obviously Microsoft will be looking for feedback from Insiders as to exactly how simple and accessible this makes the process of performing a fresh install.

A clean install is a good idea for those looking to move to Windows 10, as opposed to an in-place upgrade of Windows 7/8.1, which could potentially cause issues and result in less than optimal performance.

And while a clean install of Windows 10 isn't particularly difficult to perform as things are, a dedicated tool which makes advances on the user-friendly front can't be a bad thing.

As to when this feature will pitch up for those running the full release of the OS, that's likely to be with the Anniversary Update for Windows 10.

Via: Windows Central

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