Microsoft wants to help you find out if you're ready for Windows 10

Windows 10 laptop

Microsoft has implemented a new website which lists all the business apps that are available for its newest OS.

Not every business has made the move to Windows 10, not by a long shot – upgrading is a more complex matter for a company compared to an individual, of course – and a considerable part of any concerns might revolve around whether existing apps are compatible with the operating system.

So in the interests of making it crystal clear what is supported in terms of business apps, the new Ready For Windows website lists the lot for those mulling a move to Windows 10, and indeed for those who are merely curious or looking to source solutions for the OS.

Convenient categories

The site breaks the apps down into separate categories for convenience, with those categories including: communication, education, finance, health, manufacturing, media, public sector, along with retail and consumer goods.

Big names already listed include the likes of Citrix, Sage, Cisco, Salesforce, Autodesk, Oracle, Symantec, Intel Education and more.

Of course, this is all part of Redmond's major offensive to push Windows 10 onto as many PCs as possible, in both the business and consumer spheres.

As Microsoft notes, Windows 10 is the fastest adopted OS in Redmond's history, although a good deal of adoption has been driven due to the fact that the operating system has been a free upgrade for the first year (a freebie which runs out at the end of July).

Via: ZDNet

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