Here's how you can try Windows 10 Enterprise for free

Windows galore
Windows galore

Windows 10 Enterprise will be available on a free trial basis, according to Microsoft’s TechNet Evaluation Center. Organizations will have 90 days to determine whether they want to keep the operating system, downgrade to WIndows 10 Home or Pro or roll back to a previous version of Windows.

The Enterprise edition will be available to Software Assurance customers on Saturday, August 1. This edition allows mid- and large-size IT departments to better deal with security threats, deploying and updating applications and handling technical support issues.

The evaluation software is available in 11 different languages, including US English and British English, as well as Chinese and Spanish. There will be a 64- and 32-bit ISO, in addition to 64- and 32-bit LTSB ISOs for IT departments that would like to control how and when Microsoft updates are added to Windows 10.

Windows 10’s reception

Microsoft is encouraging individuals not to download Windows 10 Enterprise unless their plan is to service full-scale businesses. The company also warned that Windows 10 Enterprise will take several hours to download.

Microsoft officially launched Windows 10 to the general public on July 29. The new operating system has been met with mostly positive reviews, including our own. Although several bugs and installation issues have been reported, Windows 10 installations accounted for up to 8% of all internet traffic at its peak yesterday.

You can try out the Enterprise software here.