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Release candidate arrives of Firefox 3.6

Firefox 3.6 - coming soon
Firefox 3.6 - coming soon

Mozilla has pushed out the Release Candidate (RC) of Firefox 3.6, hinting that a public build will be rolled out imminently.

Friday's update saw Firefox 3.6 RC finally arrive, complete with a host of new features for the popular browser.

Built on the Gecko 1.9.2 engine, Firefox 3.6 users will be able to change the browser's appearance with a single click using a new feature called Personas, display open native video in full screen and support for the HTML5 File API.


Crucially, Mozilla insists that the browser is more stable, with changes to how third party software integrates with Firefox.

Users of the beta version of Firefox 3.6 will automatically be rolled onto the RC, and subsequently the RC will be updated to the full release when it's available.

"This release candidate may update itself periodically, and will eventually be exactly the same as the final Firefox 3.6 release itself," said Mozilla.

You can download the RC from http:///