Microsoft brings linked inbox to mobile Mail app, next stop Windows 10?

Windows 10
With any luck, we'll see this new capability on Windows 10 machines soon

It seems that Microsoft has reintroduced a feature that many have desired for its Mail application – namely a linked inbox which can cater for all of a user's email accounts as a one-stop-shop.

With the latest version of Mail on Windows 10 Mobile, users can now link together multiple inboxes so that messages from all of them appear in one central inbox (just as you could with Windows Phone).

That's a great touch on the convenience front, although note that it means your inboxes are just linked under this hub as opposed to actually merged in any way – the original messages still remain in the inbox they arrived in.

Neowin reported this development, and notes that you can link inboxes via the option under Manage Accounts.

Sadly, when it comes to full-fat Windows, there's no option to link inboxes yet – but hopefully the desktop Mail app will see the introduction of the feature before too long.

Microsoft will likely be getting feedback about bringing this capability across.

Certainly, when it comes to the desktop Mail app, there is still plenty of work to be done as functionality is lacking in many respects, and you only have to glance at the feedback on the Windows Store to see plenty of complaints about various issues including bugs, crashes, poor presentation and a subpar UI.

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