BlackBerry 10 users will have to get their Netflix fix elsewhere

BlackBerry 10
Netflix a no show on BB10

BlackBerry hinged a lot of hope on its new BlackBerry 10 operating system and new line of phones, but its users are steadily becoming subject to some serious app apprehension.

Even though BlackBerry hasn't made any sales data available for its touch-touting Z10 smartphone, released in January and February in some regions, consumers who rushed into the new smartphone's arms discovered a lack of major third-party applications compared to what Android and iOS currently offer.

Though there is Facebook and Twitter support, the app marketplace was dealt a big blow Monday when Netflix revealed it's not currently working on neither an Android-ported nor native app for BB10.

With an ecosystem hungry for more content, the lack of one of the biggest streaming video providers puts BlackBerry at a significant disadvantage.

Waiting it out

BlackBerry and Netflix are still reportedly in talks to bring an app to the BB10 marketplace, but it's not quite a done deal yet.

According to sources speaking to AllThingsD, Netflix isn't planning on creating an app anytime soon, but didn't rule out the possibility of appearing on BB10 sometime in the future.

Like Instagram, it would appear Netflix is going to wait and see just what kind of consumer base BB10 generates before it moves forward with its own app for the OS.

While Netflix and Instagram are being patient, there are still other major apps like Kindle and Dropbox that have shown love for BB10, giving users some hope the big guns will reconsider.

However, Netflix's supposed plan might be a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Without major apps, consumers may look elsewhere for their smartphones, meaning Netflix may never see enough incentive to develop for BB10.

For its part, BlackBerry is playing it optimistic.

"We're committed to bringing top titles from around the globe to BlackBerry 10 customer," BlackBerry's Alex Kinsella said in a statement.

"At this time, it's in Netflix's court to join the excitement around BlackBerry 10 — we hope they choose to bring a BlackBerry 10 experience to their customers. We'd love to have them."

TechRadar asked Netflix for comment, and will update this story once we learn more.