Apple planning iTunes 11 release 'within the next days?'

iTunes 11
Any day now

Though we already know iTunes 11 is due out before the end of November, it looks like there's now hard evidence that Apple will indeed hit this release deadline and not miss it like last time.

According to a letter picked up by MacRumors, a German music distribution company named Feiyr is asking musicians to submit photos for use in the new Music Store layout.

Artists, it seems, don't have much time to get their act together.

"Starting with iTunes 11, which is about to be released within the next days, users have the possibility to view pictures and galleries to every artist in iTunes," the letter said before launching into specifics about the pics.

Real deal?

While the letter isn't from Apple itself, it's surmisable that the Cupertino company has informed record labels and distributors of the release date in order to get everything set before launch.

Apple said it delayed releasing iTunes 11 last month because it needed extra time to get everything right.

With a completely revamped look, Facebook and iCloud integration and no more Ping, iTunes 11 is one of the more eagerly anticipated updates of the year and certainly not something Apple wants to start off on the wrong foot.

Of course, there's no guarantee this letter is the real deal or that something won't stand in Apple's way when it tries to send out the new 'Tunes, so until we get official word, we'll hold our breath for more delays.

Via MacRumors

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