SMBs are increasingly turning to AI for help

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More than half (57%) of small businesses are “eager” to expand their knowledge of generative AI and how it can be used to help their business, new research from website builder giant GoDaddy has claimed.

The findings comes from a survey of more than 1,000 US SMBs, 38% of whom are already using or have tried generative AI tools and AI writers like ChatGPT and Bard.

Already, three-quarters (75%) of those who have tried such tools report “very well” or “excellent” performance, while only 4% were unhappy with the results.

Generative AI for SMBs

While larger companies and enterprises typically have access to more resources, SMBs can often find themselves struggling to balance everything that comes with running a business, while startups can find themselves under even more pressure.

AI tools have proven valuable in recent months for assisting with repetitive and objective tasks, helping to free up time for business leaders and employees to focus on more subjective work and guiding the business.

The survey’s respondents also expressed concern over attracting new customers, growing revenue, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, marketing, and creating social media and website content.

The emergence of so many AI tools has made all of this possible in less time and with more variety, unlocking new powers for SMBs to be able to stand out. In fact, almost two-thirds (64%) of the participants are already experimenting with AI for various content generation purposes.

For those unsure how to get the best from chatbots like ChatGPT, GoDaddy has put together a list of over 100 customizable prompts that cover most key business areas, along with a guide to AI.

According to the Small Business Assosication, small businesses make up 99% of all businesses in America, representing a vast market and huge growth potential for AI companies as SMBs begin to more seriously consider employing artificial intelligence in their everyday tasks.

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