Sick of lugging around your slow and ageing laptop? Upgrade to a modern thin and light laptop instead

Are you sick of carrying around an old, heavy laptop, with a battery that drains before you’ve even decided on your next Netflix binge? Don’t feel tied down to your decrepit laptop—there’s never been a better time to buy a new one.

Laptops have evolved tremendously over the last few years. They’re lighter than ever before, making them easily portable when working—or playing—away from home. And, even though laptops are more powerful, they’re also smaller thanks to huge advancements in technology that have enabled chip-makers to dramatically shrink down the components that power them.

With Windows 10 onboard, modern laptops like the superb HP Pavilion 14 are fast and responsive, so there’s no more waiting around for your favourite app or website to load. Windows 10 takes advantage of the latest technology such as SSDs (solid state drives) which, unlike older traditional hard drives that have moving parts, are incredibly fast and durable.

An SSD is arguably the single most important laptop upgrade, increasing system responsiveness and battery life while decreasing boot times. When buying a laptop, take a look at the list of specifications to make sure it comes with an SSD installed.

Laptops running Windows 10 also give you instant access to some of the best apps around. You can edit and organise your photographs with the Photos app and save them to cloud storage with OneDrive. 

By saving your photos to OneDrive, you can share your photos and documents with friends and family around the world and access them from any Windows 10 computer with an internet connection.

Edge, Windows 10’s modern built-in web browser, is one of the fastest around too, while apps like Netflix and Spotify let you stream music and films with ease.

Intel’s latest 8th generation Core processors are another important ingredient in modern laptops. For the first time, Intel has brought its powerful quad-core chips to thin and light laptops, which allow for more responsive multitasking and, if you’re so inclined, better gaming performance too. They’re physically smaller and more power efficient, too, saving you all-important battery life.

Take the aforementioned HP Pavilion 14. Not only is it powered by an awesome Intel 8th generation Intel Core processor, 128GB SSD and 8GB of RAM, but it’s also HP’s thinnest Pavilion laptop ever. Best of all, thin and light laptops won’t break the bank. For less than £600 you can get a great machine that’s as adept at whipping up a PowerPoint presentation at your local coffee shop as watching Netflix on a dull train journey.

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