Samsara launches free IoT data tool

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Local governments and municipal leaders rely heavily on data to ensure the safety of residents, especially where driving is concerned. However, it’s not always easy to obtain the kind of data that could be used to, for example, identify hotspots of unsafe conditions or monitor trends in motor vehicle safety. 

City Insights is a new tool that aggregates anonymized data from the 15,000 commercial fleets that make up Samsara’s customer base, and is intended to help fill this gap. The data collected by City Insights can be used to identify what Samsara calls “harsh events,” like sudden braking, crashes, and speeding.

The hope is that by providing cities with both raw data and a visual representation of this information, it will be possible to gain actionable insights at multiple levels, from adding street signs to highlighting opportunities for educational outreach programs. 

Initiative Vision Zero

Many cities in the United States and abroad are actively taking steps to improve driver safety, in an initiative known as Vision Zero. Formed in Sweden in 1997, the project seeks to eliminate serious and fatal crashes from highway systems and roadways.

The initiative has seen increasing support in the United States in recent years, with no fewer than 20 cities having joined since 2015, including San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C. 

Tackling the problem of motor vehicle safety, both for those behind the wheel and for pedestrians, is a complex problem. The 1.6 trillion sensor data points garnered from Samsara’s network of GPS trackers each year promises to be a useful resource for municipal leaders, as they attempt to fulfill the goals of Vision Zero. 

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