Rotolight launches the AEOS, an ultra portable LED light


Rotolight has established as one of the leading manufactures of multi-award winning on-camera, studio and location LED lighting systems for photography, videography, broadcast and cinematography.

Extending the range is the Rotolight AEOS, one of the thinnest and most lightweight Bi-Colour LED panels on the market today. 

Designed specifically for portrait and location photographers, as well as those who shoot video, the compact dimensions of the AEOS make it incredibly portable, with the AEOS tipping the scales at just 1.5kg. 

This though hasn't compromised power, with the AEOS featuring a powerful light output of 5750 lux at 3ft. The AEOS also features dual controls for brightness, and fast, tuneable colour on location thanks to the accurate colour temperature display. AccuColour LED technology delivers industry-leading colour rendering performance, eliminating the need for timely colour correction of skin tones in post-production as well.  

High Speed Sync Flash

The great thing about the AEOS though is its both a continuous LED light, as well as powerful colour temperature adjustable High Speed Sync (HSS) flash, at 200% of the maximum continuous light output.

 “The Rotolight AEOS really is the ultimate light for location and portrait photographers who want something powerful, yet portable and easy to carry, with a beautiful soft light output. AEOS will simply enable you to get shots no one else can,” says Jason Lanier, Sony Artisan of Imagery and award winning photographer. 

Rather than a traditional strobe flashgun though, the AEOS has three major advantages - there's no recycle time, you can change the colour temperature of the light source, while you can take advantage of the modelling light that is actually the lighting element which produces the flash. This means you get incredibly accurate previews of highlights and shadows that you just don't get with a traditional flashgun. 

This HSS eliminates the need for photographers to invest in an additional strobe as well, making the AEOS the perfect an all-in-one solution and offering a huge amount of versatility for photographers. 

Photo by Jason Lanier. Lit with 1 x Rotolight AEOS, in High Speed Sync (HSS) Flash Mode
(Image: © Jason Lanier. Lit with 1 x Rotolight AEOS, in High Speed Sync (HSS) Flash Mode)

Gorgeous catchlights

The AEOS also features Rotolight's signature round shape to deliver gorgeous catchlights in the eyes and render soft, sculptured light on your subject ideal for portrait photography, allowing you to capture unique shots that wouldn't be possible with any other light.  

The AEOS is the perfect light to have on location with you as it sports an unrivalled battery performance of 3 hours on a single 95 w/h battery - twice as long as the industry standard. The AEOS really is the ultimate light for any location shoot.

Get a grip

While the AEOS comes complete with a versatile aluminium ball head to provide a complete 360 degree rotation, and 200 degrees of tilt when mounted to a light stand. 

Not only that, but to help position the light, AEOS is the first light in the world to feature integrated aluminium handles that allow you to liberate the AEOS from a fixed position and work more freely with the light. This way, you can really work the light and achieve unique lighting angles and steps, as well as unprecedented control over light spill and shadow. 

The AEOS retails for £899.99 and comes as standard with a full set of filters, ball head and PSU. Order now from