Quasi-unhackable VPN technology comes to market but you can't buy it

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ADVA has announced that it will play a key role in a unique research initiative with the aim of extending post-quantum security to VPN networks.

The Quantum-Secure VPN Modules and Operation Modes (QuaSiModO) project will utilize the company's ADVA FSP 150 with ConnectGuard Ethernet encryption to test new quantum-resistant algorithms in the packet domain to develop viable security solutions capable of protecting Layer 2 and 3 data from all forms of cyberattacks including those from quantum computers.

Through its participation in the QuaSiModO project, ADVA is extending its work with quantum-safe cryptography in optical transport to higher network layers.

The Fraunhofer Institute of Applied and Integrated security, the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and genua GmbH are also project partners of the initiative.

QuaSiModO project

As quantum computers of sufficient size and reliability could likely arrive within the next 10 to 15 years, today's widely applied data protection technologies will no longer be sufficient.

To make matters worse, sensitive and valuable information may already be at risk as hackers are storing information today in order to decrypt it once large quantum computers become available.

The QuaSiModO project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is researching testing and helping to standardize quantum-resistant algorithms in VPN implementations. The project aims to extend existing IPSec and MACsec communication protocols with quantum-resistant procedures and support the development of complete solutions.

In a press release, SVP of advanced technology at ADVA, Jörg-Peter Elbers provided further insight on the company's role in the QuaSiModO project, saying:

“As part of the QuaSiModO project, we’re continuing to drive innovation in future-proof cryptography. This initiative extends comprehensive post-quantum security to VPNs and enables businesses and government institutions to protect their data from tomorrow’s attacks. Together with our partners, we’re ensuring that network security technology doesn’t fall behind in the computing power race. Our role in the project combines our experience with transport layer post-quantum security and our proven expertise when it comes to encrypting Carrier Ethernet connectivity. We’re helping to create a solution able to protect packet services today and ready to be upgraded later to comply with emerging specifications from standards bodies such as the USA’s National Institute of Standards and Technology.”

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