Qualcomm unveils its Wi-Fi 7 networking platform to boost network speeds everywhere

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Qualcomm has launched its Wi-Fi 7 network portfolio, promising to power next generation access points, high performance routers, and carrier gateways with speeds of 10Gbps, unlocking the full potential of telecommunications advances and enabling revolutionary new applications.

As the name suggests, Wi-Fi 7 is the latest generation of wireless internet technology. Standardization is still at an early stage and the World Broadband Alliance (WBA) does not expect the first Wi-Fi 7 devices to be available until 2025, however this timeline could be accelerated.

However, by sampling its Wi-Fi 7 portfolio now, Qualcomm will allow its partners to create devices that enhance speeds, lower latency, and spectrum efficiency for both next-generation networks and existing Wi-Fi 6/6E users.

Wi-Fi 7 connectivity

Qualcomm’s platform supports multiple channels, three spectrum bands in the form of 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz, to improve throughput. It says that a peak performance of 33Gbps is possible, meaning 10Gbps connections for end users.

In comparison, Wi-Fi 6E, which also uses 6GHz, is capable of delivering speeds of more than 2Gbps

The use of multiple channels also promises to reduce interference in complex network environments, as does Automated Frequency Control (AFC) – a technology which optimises spectrum use in the 6GHz band by determining if there are any incumbent users in the band.

For consumers and businesses, this means harnessing the full power of 5G and advanced fibre connectivity to enable data intensive, latency-sensitive applications like telepresence, extended reality, metaverse, and immersive gaming applications.

“Qualcomm Technologies has enabled the era of 10 Gbps Wi-Fi with our first customer deliveries of the Wi-Fi 7 Networking Pro Series,” said Nick Kucharewski, senior vice president and general manager, Wireless Infrastructure and Networking, Qualcomm.

“Combining support for the latest Wi-Fi 7 innovations with our unique product architecture, the platform enables solutions ranging from whole-home mesh to connectivity networks for large public venues. With this product line, we anticipate a new class of customer systems for both today’s applications and the emerging Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem.”

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