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PS4 Pro is finally getting a white version, and it's releasing alongside Destiny 2

In recent years it's become tradition for Sony to release white versions of their consoles to cater to anyone who doesn't want their boxes to blend into their home entertainment setups. 

The PS3 got one, the PS4 got one, and even the PSP was released in white (alongside one of the most ill-advised advertising campaigns of recent times). 

Now the PS4 Pro is getting the same treatment, with a special edition white console that will be bundled with Destiny 2. No word yet on whether the console will receive a standalone release, but with Sony's history we'd be surprised if it didn't. 

The bundle will cost $449.99 (UK and AU pricing TBC) when it's released on September 6, and will include the game's Expansion Pass and 'premium digital content'. 

So whether you're yet to make the jump to the current generation of consoles, or if you're just growing tired of your console's black color scheme, Sony's new console will be here for you later in the year.