Poor Wi-Fi is still a major concern for many freelancers and remote workers

hybrid working
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Despite many of us choosing to work remotely or across different locations, many workers, particularly freelancers, are struggling to find efficient internet connections.

A report from Sky Connect found 

Almost nine in 10 (87%) of respondents were concerned about the impact working from home is having on their energy bills, leaving many to make tough decisions about how they spend the money they put aside for utilities.

More than three quarters (78%) said that the recent cold weather, which saw UK temperatures drop as low as -10 degrees Celsius (via Met Office), made working conditions “uncomfortable”.

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Working from home bills

Almost half of the respondents said that they had felt forced to work from an alternative location in order to save money on heating and keep other bills under control, with cafes, pubs, and libraries proving popular among those who have resorted to hybrid working.

Despite the obvious money-saving impacts of working away from the home, almost three-quarters (72%) had concerns about unreliable Internet connectivity. The majority of the concerned individuals said that they would consider regularly hotdesking at such venues if they had a more reliable Wi-Fi network.

“Whilst it’s great to see these workers supporting their local small businesses during an increasingly challenging time for hospitality, it’ll be important that SMEs create a working environment that keeps these more regular customers coming back. This means offering a reliable and secure guest WiFi service that improves customers' overall experience," noted Sky Connect Director of Sales and Operations, Stacey Hill.

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