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Blurb integration in Adobe Photoshop and Elements a possibility

Lightroom 4
Blurb recently announced its integration into Adobe's Lightroom 4

Blurb, the self-publishing book company, has said that there's the possibility of integrating its book creation software into other Adobe products after the success it has experienced with Lightroom and InDesign.

Speaking to TechRadar, Eileen Gittens, Blurb's CEO said "Lightroom is just the start."

Blurb's integration with Lightroom appeared in Lightroom 4, Adobe's latest version of the image editing software. It allows photographers to create a book from within the application, which is then processed and shipped by Blurb.

Gittens said that Adobe was keen to compete better with Apple's iPhoto by allowing for book creation and ordering within the software itself.


Speaking of why Adobe chose Blurb, Gittens said, "There are several reasons. We're a global company, so that means wherever customers are, we can ship and our software is available in multiple languages.

"But most importantly, it was the quality. In all of their testing, we had the highest print quality."

Asked what the reception to the integration had been, Gittens said, "We're seeing far better than we expected, and another upside is that we're partnering with Adobe for events, offering each other support."