Best photographers' vests and jackets: 6 tested

Best photographic vests and jackets 6 tested

Domke Photogs Jacket/Vest - £154/$150

This is the lightest of the full jackets we had on test, plus the sleeves can be unzipped to convert it into a vest, making it particularly versatile too. The Domke Photogs Jacket/Vest – thanks to its lightweight nature – packs down relatively small when not in use and, with 16 pockets in total, offers plenty of storage capacity whether you're using it as a full jacket or a vest.

Both the jacket and lining are made from machine-washable, 100% cotton fabric, keeping it light, soft and breathable, while – with its pre-washed, weathered-looking khaki finish – it looks unobtrusive.

The material also means it's rustle-free when you're moving about, making it less likely that you'll spook any wildlife, although some of the Velcro-fastened pockets will need to be avoided in situations where stealth is required.

Best photographic vests and jackets 6 tested

The generous front pockets feature a bellows-style design to accommodate larger pieces of kit such as camera bodies and/or lenses, plus there's a good range of additional pockets with varying dimensions liberally spread across the front of the jacket, as well as inside and on the sleeves.

The clear plastic press pass holder that attaches to the right-hand top chest pocket (which can be detached when you're not using it) along with the pen-holder slots and convenient business-card sized pocket on the arm hints at this jacket's suitability for photojournalists and travel photographers in particula. However, this relatively keenly-priced jacket will serve enthusiasts and professionals of just about any persuasion.

Longer-style tailoring and drawstring adjustment around the waist are further noteworthy features, and the jacket also incorporates a lightweight water-resistant nylon hood that rolls away into a zipped collar compartment when it's no longer required.