Optus stores to try Apple approach, training staff into Gurus

Optus cusotmer assistance
This is no oridinary sales assistant. This is an Optus Guru.

Optus has unveiled a new concept for its retail stores, mirroring Apple's "genius bar" with in-store Gurus.

Staff are receiving extra training to make sure they can field a broader range of customer questions, with the goal of solving problems in-store before the customers turns to telephone support.

Optus' Rohan Ganeson, Managing Director of Sales, says that the company's research has shown that people expect a higher level of service in its retail stores. The new shop fit-outs are in "recognition of the changing and maturing market."

New look

The new design will rout-out first to 10 pilot stores, the first of which is in Hornsby, NSW. Optus plans to expand this to 100 this year, including 33 new stores across Australia.

There is also a focus on reducing the carbon footprint of these stores, with Optus estimating it can reduce the energy usage in stores by up to 40%.

Customers will be able to use new technology in these stores, with live demos of the 4G network and the subscription-based Optus TV with Fetch.