Microsoft pulls key Cortana feature from its Android app


While Microsoft's Cortana app for iOS and Android landed just earlier this month, Microsoft has had to drop a key feature from the latter.

Microsoft's latest update for its Android app removes the "Hey Cortana" feature, a verbal command that lets users launch the voice assistant from within any app, and essentially bypassed the "OK Google" command that's available on most Android phones.

The feature seems to have only been disabled in the US, according to the Google Play Store listing, as noticed first by website WinBeta. The What's New section for the app lists improved app stability, enhanced call and text features and, lastly, "Removed 'Hey Cortana' feature for US market."

Microphone issues?

The reason for the removal of "Hey Cortana" seems to be that it was messing with the microphone on Android phones, an issue that WinBeta reports had been a problem since the launch of the app.

The report claims that the feature would interfere with Android's own "OK Google" feature in Google Now, and could even make trying to make phone calls problematic for users.

The simple solution at the time was to simply disable "Hey Cortana" in the Cortana app, but it looks like Microsoft took the initiative to remove it entirely (at least, in the US).

We venture to guess Microsoft is working on a solution, so we expect the feature to be added back sooner rather than later, sans microphone issues.