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HTC Rhyme unveiled with light-emitting cube

HTC Rhyme unveiled with light-emitting cube
The HTC Rhyme. Plummy.

HTC has unveiled the new Rhyme, a smartphone that seems to have a distinctly feminine slant.

The 3.7-inch screened phone (formerly known as the Bliss), with the latest version of HTC Sense, comes in Plum, Hourglass and Clearwater colours...and features a special charm to alert you to calls and texts when in your bag.

"The Charm is a small light-emitting cube that attaches to the phone by a cord that can dangle from your bag and also be used to quickly pull the phone out of your bag. It also makes it easy to find your phone buried in your cluttered purse" whispers HTC seductively in its release, perhaps not realising it's mentioned bags a little too often.

Rugged backpacks too

It also mentions a backpack as a similar receptacle for the handset and charm combo, in case the men were feeling left out.

Technologically the HTC Rhyme isn't the worst handset out there, with a 5MP camera with LED flash and face detection, plus a customisable lock screen thanks to the upgraded Sense UI.

The good news for those that favour the Professor when playing Cluedo is the HTC Rhyme UK release date (plum variant) has been set as 17 October by O2 - so not long to wait if you're feeling that your bag is just ever so slightly under-charmed.