Android's newest batch of emojis includes mythical beasts and tacos

New emojis are now available on Nexus phones!
Image Credit: Hiroshi Lockheimer, via Twitter

Teased last week on Twitter, Google's lineup of Nexus phones are getting updated emojis, bringing a new batch of smilies, creatures, and cartoony cuisine to augment your texting.

Emojis aren't the only thing coming from Android's Marshmallow 6.0.1 that are boosting the typing experience, with an improved keyboard and redesigned font rounding out the aesthetics on Google's smartphone brand.

The Verge reports over 200 new emoji come packed in with the update, including the long-wanted taco and burrito emoji for the culinary-inclined. Other noted additions include crabs, unicorns, multiple hand gestures, (including a certain obscene one) and new faces to match your mood.

Some emojis are also getting a facelift, such as the oddly popular poop smiley. However, there is still an absence of a multi-racial selection option for human faces, as seen with more recent iOS and Windows 10 emoji sets.

While part of Android's Marshmallow 6.0.1 update, several other companies such as LG and Samsung design their own emoji sets for their phones, so it may be a while before Android phones worldwide have access to any symbols to send their friends indicating a desire for Mexican food.

Top Image Credit: Hiroshi Lockheimer, via Twitter

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