74% of techradar readers think Apple should not give the FBI iPhone access

Apple Poll

The unfolding drama and divided opinion surrounding the Apple vs FBI situation has sparked a big debate. The FBI wants Apple to give it access to a locked iPhone, but the results could have profoundly negative implications for the privacy of smartphone users.

Bill Gates and Google's CEO weighed in with conflicting opinions, as have plenty of social media users. We conducted a poll to see how our own readers felt about it. It turns out 74% of you feel strongly that Apple should not allow law enforcement to access a locked iPhone even in an anti-terrorism case.

Apple v FBI poll

There have been several arguments for and against, while Apple has been very public in addressing the issue. According to a recent report, however, it's not just one phone that is awaiting Apple's intervention to unlock - 12 requests have been made to force Apple to help law enforcement unlock locked iPhones and access the data within.

Despite the Director of the FBI denying that theirs is a one-off terrorism case, it has nonetheless divided public opinion.

Apple has emphasised that this isn't about the "why" - the result of breaking encryption even just once would be setting a dangerous precedent.

In an open letter, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, "The government could extend this breach of privacy and demand that Apple build surveillance software to intercept your messages, access your health records or financial data, track your location, or even access your phone's microphone or camera without your knowledge."

We'll keep you updated on the progress of Apple's appeal against the court ruling.