One of the world's largest banks is taking on Apple and Amazon

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Russia’s Sberbank, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, is diversifying its portfolio by moving into the world of consumer technology. 

The company has recently launched its SberDevices division, which will release products aimed at ‘revolutionizing the Russian home’. So far, SberDevices has a trio of new products ready to go. SBER Box has been designed to turn any television into a smart TV, allowing consumers to dip into television, movies, music and games. It will also provide access to a virtual assistant.

Next up is SBER Portal, a multimedia smart display, with the audio being given a premium edge thanks to Harmon Kardon. It too will feature the virtual assistant and boasts sensor and voice control, plus gesture recognition.

Rounding things out will be SBER Salut, a bundle of virtual assistants designed to work with both iOS and Android devices. They’ll be highly personalized and feature distinct characters along with individual habits and personalities. The voices of actors will help to lend an additional touch of flair.

Christofari supercomputer

Sberbank has been gaining a reputation for doing things slightly differently. The banking organization has made big moves to transform its business into a fully digital model. Indeed, it designed and engineered its own digital platform, Christofari, for both banking and non-banking services.

The Christofari supercomputer project first launched last year after Sberbank teamed up with Nvidia. The new direction for the bank will allow it to introduce secure financial transactions via the new virtual assistants, theoretically creating a whole new experience for Russian consumers.

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