Oculus Quest 2 players have a great excuse to try PC VR right now

Protagonist Hope hides behind a box while an enemy tries to find her in Republique VR
(Image credit: Camoflaj)

If you’re an Oculus Quest 2 owner and want to dip your toes into what PC VR has to offer, then you’ll want to pick up Republique VR for free on Steam while you have the chance.

Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 might have made its mark as a fully-standalone VR headset – one that works without needing a PC or console to power it – but if you know how to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to a PC then you’ll be able to experience a whole load of other great games.

But playing PC VR games has its challenges – the Quest 2’s wireless Air Link connection to a PC isn’t always the best and your computer just might not be good enough to run a VR title. Thankfully there’s a free PC VR game available on Steam right now that will let you test out your setup without you having to spend a single dime.

To celebrate the studio’s 10-year anniversary, Camouflaj is giving away Republique VR on Steam right now. It’s not clear when the deal will end though, so we’d advise you to get in and grab it for free while you can.

A taster for PC VR

Admittedly, Republique VR isn’t the best VR game out there. The third-person perspective feels odd, and the gameplay (which borrows heavily from the mobile-exclusive original) doesn’t make the most of the immersive nature of VR.

Hope continues to explore a fancy looking library as you help her to escape

(Image credit: Camoflaj)

However, the game’s story is an engaging thriller that will likely keep you hooked for the full run, and the visuals are pretty solid to boot. Plus, it’s free. Even if you do end up hating it you won’t have wasted any of your hard-earned paycheck on it.

If you’ve found that your PC VR setup is a success you can then look at picking up some of the best VR games out there like Half-Life: Alyx.

If you don’t have an Oculus Quest 2, or a PC VR headset like the world's best VR headset the Valve Index, then you can pick up a non-VR version of Republique for free instead. 

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