Nvidia's streaming software can now deepfake your eyes to make sure you're looking at the camera

Nvidia Broadcast 1.4 Eye Contact
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia has announced a suite of new updates coming to its Broadcast client that could help make your next video conferencing call or presentation much more engaging.

Its new Eye Contact feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) to check whether your eyes are looking at the camera, and if not, overlay a new pair of ‘eyes’ over your own so that you are. 

It’s geared towards content creators who may want to read a script, but maintain eye contact with the camera for a more personal feel.

Nvidia Broadcast Eye Contact

The company has developed “millions” of eye color and lighting combinations so that it can give you a new pair of eyes that are as closely matched to your own as possible, however the tool is still in beta format so some errors are to be expected. 

That said, Nvidia is keen to get this right, as it hopes to cater to double the users that it had this time last year, and the company has opened up a portal for users to report any anomalies. 

Nvidia has also made some changes to its virtual backgrounds as many of us continue to work from home (and want to hide the mess that resides behind us at our desk). The Blur, Replacement, and Removal effects have been tweaked for better stability, and there’s also a new Vignette effect to play with. 

While this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen artificial eye contact implemented in live video feed (FaceTime has been doing its ‘Attention Correction’ feature to a degree since iOS 13), it’s somewhat more rare to see it implemented outside of the video conferencing environment. 

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