NordLocker adds cloud storage to its encryption software

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After launching NordLocker last year, NordSec has now decided to add a cloud storage feature to its file encryption tool with the aim of changing how the industry treats data privacy.

While other cloud storage solutions encrypt only the storage, the company's encryption tool also encrypts the files its users store with a simple drag and drop.

Encryption specialist at NordLocker Oliver Noble provided more details on the file encryption tool's new cloud storage add-on, saying:

“NordLocker took a challenge to revise and turn round existing cloud storage practices. Encrypting files first and uploading them to the cloud of the same provider helps to avoid the involvement of third-party vendors. All that can be done with a single move of drag and drop.”

Secure cloud

By adding a cloud storage feature to NordLocker, NordSec is enhancing user privacy on both the device and in the cloud as both share the same encryption standards. Additionally, the files are synchronized across all of a user's devices but no one except for their owner can access the data.

Normally when a cloud provider encrypts user data, they hold the key that allows them to access that data and can do so without a user's knowledge. NordLocker differs from traditional cloud storage providers due to the fact that only a user's decryption key can open their files.

Surprisingly it took NordSec just 90 days to develop and implement NordLocker's new cloud storage add-on.

As NordSec has added secure cloud storage to its file encryption tool, the company has made some changes to its plans with the good news being that encryption is now unlimited for all users. NordLocker users also get 3 GB of secure cloud storage for free. The company's premium plan at $7.99 per month gives users 500 GB of storage and signing up for an annual plan lowers the price by half to just $3.99 per month.

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