No dish. No fuss. Discover the ultimate TV experience

Woman walking to chair in living room with Sky Glass
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Whether it’s the latest blockbusters on Sky Movies, intense action on Sky sports or hit shows such as Gangs of London on Sky Atlantic or Stranger Things on Netflix, there’s never been so much great stuff to watch.

And with Sky Stream and Sky Glass, there’s never been a better way to watch it.

Sky Stream streams epic entertainment to turbo-charge your TV. And if you’ve been thinking of upgrading your existing television, Sky Glass is the only TV with Sky Inside. It’s the ultimate smart TV. 

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Incredible shows. Unbeatable price

Sky Stream and Sky Glass give you access to everything you want to watch, including Sky’s incredible range of programmes, sports and movies as well as streaming shows from Netflix. Techradar said it “opens the door to a whole new age of streaming TV.”

That’s because Sky Stream and Sky Glass give you an incredible selection of must-see TV, including hit shows and sporting events you can’t stream anywhere else. From the terrifying drama of Gangs of London and the fantasy world of House of the Dragon on Sky Atlantic to cult shows such as The Watcher, Stranger Things and Sandman on Netflix, there’s always something spectacular to watch. And there’s tons of fun for younger family members on Sky Kids too. All this for as little as £1 a day.

We love it. Our customers love it. And we think you’ll love it too.

Sky Glass

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You’re in control

If you’re a fan of Alexa or Google Assistant you’re going to love the integrated voice control in Sky Glass. All you need to find your favourite channels, shows and movies is to say “Hello, Sky”. You can even switch to connected devices such as games consoles using only your voice.

With Sky Glass, the whole world of TV is waiting for your command. You can find anything in a flash no matter what channel it’s on, store recorded shows in the cloud, restart shows on any channel and create an endless playlist of must-watch shows. And its super-smart recommendations bring you even more shows you’ll love so there’s always something to watch next.

It’s the ultimate TV experience, and it’s available for your existing TV too. All you need is Sky Stream. Don’t let its tiny size fool you: inside that compact case is some seriously hefty home entertainment hardware, with the same brilliant features as Sky Glass. It makes your smart TV even smarter.

The Sky Glass TV in a living room

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Sky Glass: spine-tingling and spectacular

Whether you’re watching the Premier League on Sky Sports or Stranger Things on Netflix, Sky Glass enhances your entertainment with astonishing picture quality and jaw-dropping sound. It delivers the ultimate home entertainment experience straight out of the box.

That’s because Sky Glass has Quantum Dot display technology. It delivers deep blacks, vibrant colours and incredible contrast, and it supports all the key HDR (high dynamic range) standards – HLG, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision – for astonishingly realistic visuals. And it sounds as good as it looks thanks to Sky Glass’s built-in Dolby Atmos system. Who needs a soundbar when you’ve got six speakers pumping out incredibly immersive audio?

With three different sizes, five rich colours and a whole world of content to choose from, we think Sky Glass is the ultimate TV for everyone. 

The perfect package just for you

With Sky Stream and Sky Glass it’s easy to create the perfect home entertainment experience. Sky Stream offers the ultimate in flexibility, enabling you to choose from a one-month rolling contract that you can cancel any time, or an 18-month contract for even better value. 

With Sky Glass you can buy your TV like a normal TV – or you can buy it like your mobile phone, spreading the cost with interest-free monthly payments to make it even more affordable. And there’s a two-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

You’re just a click away from home entertainment heaven. Click here to find out more about the incredible Sky Glass and Sky Stream.