The Xbox Series X mini fridge sold out in seconds - when will it next be in stock?

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The Xbox Series X mini fridge went on sale today and, unbelievably, it sold out in the blink of an eye. Yep, store pages in the US and UK were live for just a matter of seconds before that 'sold out' label appeared - a familiar sight to anyone who's been hunting an Xbox Series X restock over the last 12 months. If you missed out on that first wave, we'll be keeping up to date with all the latest on Xbox Series X mini fridge stock right here.

But wait, you may be asking what is the Xbox Series X mini fridge? What are you talking about? Why do I really want to buy one? These are all entirely valid questions.

You see, when the Xbox Series X was first announced, many took to social media to express just how surprised they were by its sheer size. It wasn't long before the absolute unit of a console was compared to a fridge. Not to be deterred by the meme, Microsoft ran with the idea and has now made it for real.

Enter the Xbox Series X mini fridge. The portly appliance is available exclusively from Target in the US and Game in the UK. When both store pages went live on October 19, it sold out in the time it would take to crack open a cold one. Now, we're just playing that same old waiting game for more Xbox Series X mini fridge stock to arrive.

Considering the meme-turned-reality wasn't expected to ship until December, it seems unlikely that it will be available to buy again before the end of the year. Your best bet to get one before Christmas is with any cancelled pre-orders, so do check this page or the retailers below for any updates over the next couple of months.

If you're lucky you might secure one for yourself ahead of Black Friday 2021, pick it up as a gift for that gamer who has everything else they want in life or simply use it to pretend you've actually been able to buy Microsoft's latest console.

Whatever your reason, we'll update the where to buy links below as soon as more stock arrives. And be sure to stick with us in the weeks ahead for all the best Xbox Series X Black Friday deals.

Xbox Series X mini fridge: check stock here


Xbox Series X mini fridge: $99 at Target
The Xbox Series X mini fridge is available exclusively from Target in the US for $99. The store page states that pre-orders have already sold out, so we're waiting on news for a restock at this point. As soon as it does we'll make a note right here.


Xbox Series X mini fridge: £89 at Game
For those in the UK, the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge was available to buy from Game for £89. It only took no more than a few minutes for the initial allocation to be sold so we're waiting on any updates as to when we might expect a restock.

In terms of features, the Xbox Series X mini fridge measures 462mm x 232mm x 232mm and mimics the exact look of the console. It even sports green LEDs and a USB charging port. In terms of space, the 10-litre internal capacity is enough to store 12 cans. There are also two interior shelves and two door shelves that can be removed to give you a bit of extra wiggle room for all your drinks or snacks if needed.

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