Nintendo Switch Sports may get more sports after launch

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Two more sports could be coming to Nintendo Switch Sports, a recent datamine has suggested.

Nintendo Switch Sports was announced at a Nintendo Direct in February, with Nintendo revealing that the successor to Wii Sports would include sports like tennis, bowling, volleyball, and more. But a datamine suggests that at least two more sports could be added after the game's launch on April 29.

Dataminer @Wipeoutjack7 on Twitter posted a screenshot of datamined lines of code that reference Dodgeball and Basketball, alongside Nintendo Switch Sports' other playable games (via Nintendo Everything). Jack's datamine has been corroborated by another dataminer, @ToyConGarageVR, who was also able to find the file with the code in it.

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Currently neither Basketball nor Dodgeball has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch Sports, suggesting these sports could be added in a future update. 

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Players play Badminton against each other

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The datamined code was likely obtained via the Nintendo Switch Sports online play test in February, which allowed us to get our hands on the game (well three of the sports, anyways) ahead of its full release in April.

While the code could suggest that basketball and dodgeball will come to Nintendo Switch Sports in a future update, it's also worth considering that the code could reference sports that were scrapped earlier in development.

However, given basketball was included in Wii Sport and we've seen Nintendo include dodgeball in both Mario Sports Mix and Mario Dodgeball Rush, both sports feel like suitable fits for Nintendo's next sport outing. 

If they are to be included, it's likely we'll see them added in a future update after launch, so don't expect to be hurling dodgeballs at your virtual friends come April 29. 

TechRadar Gaming has contacted Nintendo for comment.

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