Newton Mail gets another new lease of life

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Professional email client Newton Mail has been given another new lease of life after nearly closing for a second time.

The service was initially shut down last month after previous owners Essential decided to drop their involvement, but now looks set to come back to life with new owners.

Newton Mail has proved popular due to a number of nifty features and clean design, despite a $50 per year price tag, which to many is extremely high when various email services are available for much less, or completely free.

The new owners have said they aim to stick to Newton Mail's previous payment model and have announced that the same applications will work as they had done in the past. 

Newton resurrected

The new bosses are Maitrik Kataria and Justin Mitchell, who come from a software background and are big fans of the mail service.

Intending to build a profitable venture that can survive, Kataria and Mitchell have suggested rolling out new features like Dark mode within three to six months. They’ve also promised to setup up a forum to drive community discussions around service issues and new features.

Among other features promised by the new team are improving privacy standards, ability to delete the account and take ownership of the data, integration of PGP based encryption and moving towards GDPR compliance.  

However, since both Kataria and Mitchell “aren’t a well funded VC backed company” and are new to acquisition and mergers, they do have a contingency plan in place. The duo has promised to open-source Newton Mail and find a way for self-hosted servers to support the product indefinitely in case something goes wrong again.

Kataria and Mitchell said they drew confidence from competitors such as Superhuman, Polymail, MailSpring, Spike, Spark, Boomerang that have a higher subscription fee than Newton Mail.

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