New Atlus RPG Metaphor ReFantazio announced at Xbox Games Showcase

Metaphor ReFantazio
(Image credit: Sega / Atlus)

Atlus is three-for-three at not-E3 2023's Xbox Games Showcase with the announcement of another RPG: Metaphor ReFantazio.

The trailer was as much of a mouthful as the game's unwieldy name. An RPG set with a seemingly modern / medieval fantasy hybrid setting, it strays quite welcomingly from Persona's contemporary Japan. It's actually looking quite similar to Shin Megami Tensei 4's setting, more than anything.

No release date exists yet beyond a vague '2024,' and it's coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC. However, there's no confirmation as to whether that'll be day one on Xbox Game Pass. Still, it's yet another Atlus RPG for fans of the developer to look forward to.

The trailer opens with shots of a busy Japanese crosswalk. The on-screen text reads: "What if the world we live in today is their utopia?" That seems to imply that Metaphor ReFantazio is set in our world, albeit after some sort of earth-shattering cataclysm.

Notable Persona series alumni are working on Metaphor ReFantazio, including character designer Shigenori Soejima and composer Shoji Meguro. Expect some slick hero and villain designs alongside some banger tracks respectively, then.

Several other Atlus staples are present in Metaphor ReFantazio, too. Combat appears to be turn-based, there's a day-to-day calendar system and something akin to Persona's social links system appears to be here, as well. Plus, it looks like we can also build out various traits for our protagonist, including Wisdom, Courage, Tolerance and Imagination. Not unlike Persona's traits that can help you pass exams and open up new social links.

It looks like we won't have our hands on Metaphor ReFantazio until we're well into 2024, considering we have Persona 5 Tactica in November this year and Persona 3 Reload remake early in the next year. Still, that's a stacked roster of Atlus RPGs to sink our teeth into until its latest IP launches on console and PC.

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