BT to run network for first European satellite navigation system

UK telco contributes to European satellite effort

BT has announced that it will be providing the network services for EGNOS, the first pan-European satellite navigation system.

The telecommunications company will be tasked with implementing and managing a network to carry positioning data for safety critical applications including those used by airline and ship navigation.

The network will comprise more than fifty monitoring stations, control centres and uplink locations across Europe and some parts of Africa.

In order to achieve ultra-resilience, BT will be combining its IP Connect Global product with satellite services and a dual core network capability to ensure maximum availability and service uptime.

Network reliability

The deal was signed with Telespazio, a Rome-based multinational space service company operated by Finmeccanica and Thales.

BT has previously worked with EGNOS on a wide area network since 2001, and it has also contributed to other European space programmes, including the Galileo global navigation satellite system.

"EGNOS provides and requires a very high level of accuracy and reliability. We designed their new network to provide them with the greatest possible flexibility," said Corrado Sciolla, CEO of BT Europe & Latin America.

"BT fully understands the crucial role played by network services in the ability of global multinationals and public organisations to run their mission critical operations. I am extremely proud of EGNOS's continued trust in our people and service delivery and look forward to the continuation of our relationship."