Neos Networks reaches 700 unbundled exchanges

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Neos Networks has reached its target of unbundling 550 BT exchanges before the end of 2021, bringing its total fibre footprint across the UK to more than 34,000 kilometres.

The company, which rebranded from SSE Enterprise Telecoms earlier this year, exclusively serves the enterprise market, delivering high-capacity connectivity directly to businesses, the public sector, and other service providers, including mobile operators.

One of Neos’s most high-profile customers is Three, which uses the network to provide the backbone for its 5G service.

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Unbundling is a key element of Neos’ expansion as fully unbundled lines allow service providers to use their own equipment at BT’s telephone exchanges, giving them greater control over the connection.

At the end of 2020, Neos had unbundled 300 exchanges despite the challenges associated with the pandemic and lockdown. As a result of this latest expansion, the company can deliver 100Gbps to more BT exchanges and reach 750,000 business postcodes.

It says it plans to go even further next year.

“We’ve hit our 2021 target slightly ahead of schedule and that represents a great leap forward for our company and our vision to be the premier supplier of B2B focused infrastructure in the UK,” said Colin Sempill, Neos Networks CEO. “But it cannot stop there, and Project Edge will continue to reach out to help UK businesses access full fibre, high-speed, high-capacity connectivity on their doorsteps.

“During 2022 I would expect the number of unbundled BT exchanges to continue to climb towards 700, and we will also look to target last-mile fibre connectivity in key regional business hubs.”

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