Multiple McDonald's operations hit by major data breach

McDonald's Korea
(Image credit: McDonald's)

Some McDonald's customer and employee information has been obtained by hackers after the company's South Korean and Taiwanese operations recently fell victim to a data breach.

As reported by Reuters, the world's largest burger chain is the latest global company to be targeted by cybercriminals following the recent attacks on EA and Bose.

After unauthorized activity was detected on McDonald's network in South Korea and Taiwan, the company hired external consultants to look into the matter and they were the ones who unearthed details regarding the breach.

While the attackers were able to access emails, phone numbers and delivery addresses thankfully the breach did not include any customer payment information such as credit card details according to the company.

Personal data obtained

McDonald's provided further insight on the scope of the data breach in a statement, saying:

"While we were able to close off access quickly after identification, our investigation has determined that a small number of files were accessed, some of which contained personal data."

The company also said that it will take steps to notify regulators in both South Korea and Taiwan as well as the customers whose personal data was exposed as a result of the breach. According to McDonald's, it's day-to-day operations were not affected by the data breach and the attackers responsible did not ask for any form of ransom.

We'll likely find out more once the company and local law enforcement agencies finish their investigation into the matter. Still though, this latest cyberattack shows that cybercriminals are getting bolder and going after even larger targets.

Via Reuters

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