Mobile Industry Awards 2020: Bullitt Group: CAT Phones wins Ruggedised Manufacturer of the Year

(Image credit: Future)

Ruggedised devices – whether smartphones, laptops, tablets or hybrids - are essential in many industries, enabling greater efficiencies and the digitisation of processes. From an industry point of view, they are one of the more innovative, exciting, and lucrative segments of the market. 

Manufacturers can build solutions comprising both hardware and software elements, carve out niches, and gain higher margins. The ruggedised category is a unique category that rewards this innovation.

Our entrants were asked to submit entries based on the following criteria:

  • Exciting products that have captivated customers and partners
  • Innovations in design and features
  • Balanced range of products
  • Demonstrated market leading execution of sales and marketing
  • Been a reliable partner for trade buyers in terms of forecasting, finance, returns and aftercare

Our 2020 finalists are:

AGM Mobile

AGM’s entry into the UK market has resulted in 12 months of innovation and growth, with our judges excited to see such a strong entry.

Bullitt Group: CAT phones

Bullitt Group was able to demonstrate the ability to combine its experience of rugged-tech manufacturing with one of the most famous brands in construction. This has led to the creation of an industry-leading product range that stands out from the rest of the competition. It was an impressive year. 


Getac’s impressive entry showcased its range of laptops, tablets and software, alongside partnerships to deliver peripherals, such as barcode scanners and secure docking stations, to customers. 


Samsung was able to show how it had created its ruggedised portfolio to ensure its best technology was suitable for the most extreme work conditions and environments. This ensures customers have the capabilities they expect without the concerns about durability.

And our winner is... Bullitt Group: CAT phones!

Speaking about the win, Mobile Industry Awards Director Mark Fermor said: “The role these manufacturers play in our industry should not be underestimated. With so many differing visions of what ruggedised technology can be, it was great to see a business that continues to innovate its range and has partners who love them.” 

(Image credit: Future)

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