Sky talks downloadable content for tablets and phones

Sky talks downloadable content for tablets and phones
Sky Go - incorporating downloaded content soon?

Sky customers could be downloading content to their mobile phones and tablets to watch when they are offline as soon as this time next year, although the company is not ready to suggest an actual date.

Speaking at a Sky Movies event, Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies and Sky Box Office, insisted that work was progressing on allowing Sky customers to download films and television to their devices.

Currently you can download content to a laptop, but not to tablets or phones – and this is something that Sky are keen to offer, although with no fixed arrival date.

"I'm not going to put a date on it, but I don't think you'll be asking me that question in a year's time," teased Lewis.

"But that's not me putting a timeframe on it."

Olympian effort

Obviously the comment allows us to put a rough timeframe on it though, so we'll be hopeful that 2012 will not only be bringing the Olympics but also downloaded films to while away the time sitting on trains jammed up by all those heading out to watch the Games.

Lewis told TechRadar that the rapid evolution of the way in which Sky allows its customers to consume content was set to continue in the coming months.

"When we hit the 10 million subscribers mark, it was the same week we launched Anytime and the week before we launched 3D," he pointed out.

"It's just a part of Sky to be looking for the next thing and we already know what we are planning to do in December and March.

"In 12 month's time we'll definitely have even more innovations to show off."

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