Dell Venue 11 Pro plops itself stateside, starts at $499

Dell Venue 11 Pro
Tall, dark and glossy

It's been about a month since we heard the fiddled with the Dell Venue 11 Pro, and if you're in the good old U.S. of A, you can finally order one starting now.

The 10.8-inch HD (1920 x 1080) tablet rocking out the full of Windows 8.1 starts at $499. It has Intel's latest tablet processor, the Bay Trail-based 1.5GHz Atom. The Venue 11 Pro will also land with 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

If more power is your thing, you can also hit check out with a higher spec'd tablet running a Y-series Intel Core i3 or i5 for an extra cost of $799 or $849, respectively. Both units also come equipped with 128GB flash storage.

One fish in a very big pond

But how is this tablet is different than any of the other very good similarly sized tablets, like the iPad Air and the Surface Pro 2?

Dell's larger tablet serving is geared towards enterprise business and other work use. As such it has a few extra security options including the Dell Data Protection, and a biometric a fingerprint scanner or smart card reader.

For now connectivity is limited to Wi-Fi and NFC for pairing the device with any compliant accessories you decided to bump tags with. According Engadget, an anonymous tipster says there will be LTE powered Venue 11 Pro's running around in the future.

Orders for the Dell Venue 11 Pro begin arriving on December 5. Meanwhile, we haven't heard when the 11 Pro's little brother, the Dell Venue 8 Pro will be popping its head up. Until then sit tight and stay on this channel for our review.

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