Toshiba demos glasses-free 3D laptop

Toshiba shows off latest glasses-free 3D laptop tech at CES 2011

Toshiba is demonstrating a glasses-free autostereoscopic 3D laptop at CES 2011 in Las Vegas this week.

According to Engadget, Toshiba's new glasses-free 3D notebook could well see a commercial release at some point in 2011, although there is no official word from Tosh on any plans for launch.

Dead-zone free 3D

The new Toshiba Qosmio packs in head- tracking technology in an attempt to create "dead-zone free stereoscopic 3D images."

The Qosmio laptop has two parallax 3D LCD screens, with a special eye-tracking feature that knows when you shift the position of your head.

Which basically means you don't need glasses and you don't need to keep your head in one place in order to enjoy the 3D illusion from the laptop.

Toshiba's director of product marketing Phil Osako is confident that the company will bring a glasses-free 3D lappy to market at some point this year.

It's interesting to see Toshiba pushing the potential of what is possible with a 3D laptop and we will be sure to bring you further news on any plans for a commercial release of this latest 3D tech as and when we hear more.

Right now, it's all a bit blurry…

Via Engadget