Mini laptop with 5.6in screen, HSDPA and cartoon art

Fujitsu UMPC
Fujitsu has a reputation for building tiny, but costly, mini laptops

Fans of really, really small PCs – particularly those who also dig Japan-inspired cartoon art – will probably be beside themselves when they see the special-edition mini laptop from Fujitsu Japan.

The latest addition to the Biblio Loox U series is a version of the Lifebook U2010 that's already available in the West with a smattering of ultra-cool anime-style art by a famed Italian artist on the backside of its 5.6-inch screen.

Too cool for school

With us so far? Good – then you'll want to know that the ¥123,800 (£608) Loox U has been decorated by Simone Legno of Tokidoki, a US firm that is so cool it hurts to even look at its website.

Aside from the limited-edition art, the Loox impresses in a very dainty kind of way. At just 533g, it's one of the smallest of the new breed of mini-notes/netbooks you're likely to see.

Atom everywhere

Under the cover, there's an Intel Atom Z530 processor running at 1.6GHz, a choice of hard drives running from 60GB for the base price up to a 64GB SSD and the usual wireless connectivity, including 802.11n.

Surprisingly, the only OS on offer is Windows Vista Home Premium, but at least there's the option to take delivery with a 7.2Mbit/s HSDPA card ready and raring to go.

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