Google: Chrome OS still focused on netbooks

Anders Sandholm - hard at work on Google's Chrome
Anders Sandholm - hard at work on Google's Chrome

Google Chrome's senior product manager Anders Sandholm has told TechRadar that despite the rise of the tablet, the forthcoming Chrome OS is still very much focused on netbooks and not touchscreen devices.

Although the prospect of a thin cloud-focused touchscreen Google Chrome OS device may appear attractive, the internet giant is still very much focused on devices with keyboards.

"What we are focusing on is netbooks in terms of form-factor and providing a really good experience for that," said Sandholm.


"Chrome OS is, of course, an open source project and there are different experiments in things like touch and other form-factors, so we are looking into that but there's nothing new to announce there."

Chrome OS is still on track to launch at the end of 2010, with the first devices likely to appear next year, possibly at CES 2011.

Sandholm told TechRadar that the team is working hard on making sure that everything is ready for the launch.

"The team is hard at work and ready to come up with the best possible end user experience," he added

"We want more than anything for Chrome OS to be a good experience. Installing the Chrome browser is easy, it's easy to use, fast and secure and we built those things into it.

"So, with Chrome OS, we want it to be easy to use, fast and, in terms of security, more secure in the [processes] that an operating system deals with."

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