Microsoft quietly deletes difficult Xbox achievement in popular Game Pass title

Homestead Arcana key art
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Xbox achievement hunters will have an easier time collecting all 1000G Gamerscore in Xbox Game Pass title Homestead Arcana since Microsoft has opted to remove an achievement that was proving too challenging for the community. 

The Xbox Game Pass farming simulator is one of the more in-depth of its class but one requirement to reach all 35 achievements seemed to be a step too far. The largest of those available, known as You Can Never Be Too Prepared, which usually nets you 100G, was proving to be "unobtainable" according to Xbox Series X gamers on the True Achievements forum, with some users now reporting that the task has seemingly been removed from the to-do list. 

The achievement in question required you to "make one of every craftable item in the game" which, on paper, would be in the realm of possibility. However, this task was made vastly more difficult by an apparent bug around the green ankle boots. Multiple users cited their frustration, with the missing recipe continuing to elude those who have otherwise reached 100% competition in the farming title. 

This changed just a couple of days ago. In early June, the forum poster relayed to their fellow achievement hunters that: "It looks like they removed it and increased the GS elsewhere to keep the 1k". This would mark one of the only times that Microsoft has taken matters into its own hands and redistributed the Gamerscore over the existing achievements instead. This was later confirmed when True Achievements published a statement reiterating that this was now solved.  

Depending on what you do in the game, Homestead Arcana can take anywhere from 12 to 40 hours to finish. Microsoft getting rid of this achievement is going to mean that you'll have a much easier time fully exploring everything that this recently released casual farming sim has to offer. 

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