Microsoft Edge could be the unexpected hero of Black Friday - here’s why

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft is testing new ecommerce-related features for its Edge web browser that could help streamline the shopping experience ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Available to members of the early-access Dev Channel, the latest Microsoft Edge build delivers a number of improvements, one of which combines autofill functionality with password generation to help users create new website accounts with a single click. 

According to a Microsoft blog post, the firm is also trialling a similar feature that lets users apply coupon codes and checkout with one click, using personal and payment data stored on-browser.

And finally, the Edge settings page now allows users to update account passwords with greater ease, by linking directly to a website’s password update page and automatically generating a new passcode.

All of these features should combine to make signing up for, logging into and checking out of retail websites quicker and easier. The only caveat is that there’s no guarantee the new additions will make their way to a public Edge build in time for the shopping season, which begins in earnest in a few weeks’ time.

Microsoft Edge shopping features

Although it’s unclear whether non-early-access users will have access to the new Edge shopping functionality for Black Friday, the latest upgrade is the latest in a line of improvements built with shoppers in mind.

Earlier this year, for example, Microsoft rolled out a coupon feature for Edge, which highlights any active discount codes for the current website via an icon in the URL bar.

Microsoft also recently formed a partnership with ecommerce company Shopify, which will see millions more listings added to the database that serves the Edge shopping tab.

In a blog post published at the time, the company explained the Edge shopping tab will now offer “more diverse products, better prices, and improved discovery of deals”. On the other side of the equation, meanwhile, the 1.7 million Shopify sellers will benefit from greater visibility for their products.

And it appears Microsoft doesn’t intend to stop here; in the same post, the company hinted at future Edge upgrades in a similar vein.

“This new integration of Shopify in Microsoft’s web experiences is just the beginning of some great new shopping enhancements we will be rolling out to provide thoughtful, convenient, and more secure experiences for shoppers,” wrote Microsoft.

“We are excited to create new and meaningful connections between shops and shoppers for this season and beyond.”

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