Microsoft 365 patches for Windows 7 to end in 2023

Microsoft 365
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Microsoft has confirmed that Microsoft 365 patches will end on January 10 2023 for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users as the company continues to push them towards Windows 11.

For most people, support for Windows 7 - which launched in 2009 - ended in 2020. In recognition that many companies preferred to run Windows 7, Microsoft offered Extended Security Updates, a paid service that would continue to offer security patches for the dated OS. 

Early 2023 will see the end-of-life as security updates end for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Microsoft 365 apps. “New installations of Microsoft 365 Apps will [also] be blocked on Windows 8.1 devices,” according to the company.

Microsoft ends support for old products

A recent survey found nearly 5% of all PCs surveyed were running Windows 7. Around 2% were running a version of Windows 8, while more than four in five had Windows 10 installed. Less than 1.5% were using Windows 11, however that was in April just a few months after general availability of the operating system. 

Part of the reason that business users are reluctant to upgrade to the latest OS could be that Windows has historically been subject to vulnerabilities, requiring frequent patches and updates. 

Ending support will inevitably push many users towards a newer version of Windows, but many companies will be left feeling unheard as they are forced away from a comfortable environment that works with their productivity needs.

This news comes one month after the company killed off Internet Explorer after 26 years in service, as Microsoft continues to steer users towards the latest versions of its products by ending support for those of old.

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