Meet the tribes of Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West NPC Tenakth tribe
(Image credit: Sony/Guerrilla Games)

Sony and Guerrilla Games have shared another short trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, with this one centered on the various tribes Aloy will encounter on her adventure.

In a PlayStation Blog post, narrative director Ben McGraw says players will meet familiar tribes and make new alliances, as well as confront dangerous enemies besides the local mechanical wildlife.

The trailer provides brief glimpses of four of the tribes in the game. Two of them, the Carja and the Oseram, return from Horizon Zero Dawn. The former is a tribe of desert-dwellers who worship the sun while the latter is comprised of metalworkers and builders.

As for the two new tribes, little is shared about either of them. The Utaru can be seen singing to the land in hopes of curing the mysterious red blight, while the Tenakth appears to be a tribe of battle-ready warriors.

There is mention of another two tribes, although both lack names. The first is only referred to as a group of rebels led by a woman named Regalla. They can be seen riding and controlling machines, heavily suggesting they will serve as the main antagonists. But there are rumors of an even stronger tribe; what role they could potentially serve is unknown at this point. Check out the trailer below:

One more month

Developer Guerrilla Games seems to be going all-in on worldbuilding at the moment with its Horizon Forbidden West trailers. The last one it shared focused on some of the new mechanical monsters players will be hunting.

Horizon Forbidden West releases for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18. With just over a month to go, there has yet to be any official gameplay footage of the PS4 version, although visually it's confirmed to look just as pretty as the PS5 version.

Recently, a spin-off game was announced for Sony's new VR headset, PSVR 2. Titled Horizon Call of the Mountain, Guerrilla is developing it alongside Firesprite and it will put players in control of a brand new character, although Aloy is confirmed to make an appearance.

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