Manfrotto introduces NitroTech N8 video head

Manfrotto’s extensive tripod range has already established itself as the first port of call for enthusiasts and professionals working across stills and video recording. And now, with its latest NitroTech piston technology, it’s raised the bar for those seeking utmost precision and control over their shooting. 

The new NitroTech N8 video head is the first addition in a brand new series from the company. The result of extensive testing and research by the company, the new head combines existing features from its acclaimed Video Head series with a revolutionary NITRO gas piston mechanism. With this, it provides all the high functionality you expect from a pro-oriented video head with a guaranteed continuous counterbalance for camera systems weighing up to a generous 8kg.  

The model incorporates Manfrotto’s variable Fluid Drag System for smooth and judder-free movements as you’re recording, with tactile controls for both pan and tilt that let you easily and precisely make adjustments to the ideal level of resistance. With this, you can easily create professional-looking movement in your videos without the need for any further accessories, tilting fluidly over a 160-degree angle and around a full 360-degree rotation. 

Complete control 

Thanks to its ability to be extensively customised, the NitroTech N8 video head suits image and video makers at all levels, whether they're working in the studio or out on location.  

With the benefit of Manfrotto’s Easy Link system, for example, you can easily mount a range of accessories through a compatible arm. Videographers, for example, can use this to quickly set up a monitor or LED panel, and with the further benefit of anti-rotation support, you can be sure whatever you attach stays precisely wherever you position it.  

Furthermore, its 75mm flat base and the commonly used 3/8in thread ensures versatility and compatibility with a range of tripods, sliders, cranes and jibs. A side-lock mechanism, meanwhile, allows you to quickly and securely click your camera in from above without needing to slide it in as on many other models – perfect when you need to set up quickly. 

Attention to detail 

Even right down to the smaller details, Manfrotto has paid plenty of attention to make accurate positioning and control as convenient as possible. The sliding plate, for example, boasts metric measurements for careful fine-tuning, while the bubble level incorporated into the head is illuminated to help you set up accurately in all manner of conditions.  

Despite its capabilities and high-quality craftsmanship, the head weighs just 2.2kgs and measures 14.8cm high, making it light and portable enough to take anywhere with you. The counterbalance adjustment knob also boasts a retractable design for portability, with a familiar bulbous design and rubberised finish to let you get an excellent grip for adjustment.  

Furthermore, with a red piston mechanism and a number of further details around key areas, the model has been designed with its key functionality highlighted, all the while adhering to the classic, unmistakable Manfrotto styling. 


Whether you just want to take advantage of the new NitroTech N8 video head, or you want a complete setup, Manfrotto has a suitable option. The NitroTech N8 video head is available as a standalone option, in addition to four kits with a variety of legs are available, ranging from single-leg aluminium models to twin leg carbon fiber alternatives.  

Best of all, the Manfrotto NitroTech N8 video head is available now. For more information, head over to the Manfrotto website.