Mac Pro with 64-core Apple CPU could carry an eye-watering price tag

Apple Mac Pro
(Image credit: Brittany Hosea-Small/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Apple might have a Mac Pro in the pipeline due to arrive in 2022 which will carry a 64-core ARM-based chip, and will be backed up by 48-core and 32-core models, according to the latest from the grapevine.

This rumor – and it is just that, a bunch of speculation delivered via Twitter – comes from @LeaksApplePro.

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So, as mentioned, there will be three different models in theory, all powered by Apple’s custom processors (apparent successor models to the M1) instead of Intel, as they’re marked as offering a mix of performance and efficiency cores (like the M1).

The rumored flagship Mac Pro which could land next year runs with that beefiest 64-core chip, and it’ll sport 128 GPU cores. When configured with a chunky 512GB of system memory, it’ll be priced starting from $18,999, which is a price tag that will make a few jaws drop. In reality, though, compared to the current Mac Pro, that pricing would be pretty much in line with existing offerings (which are clearly still very expensive, mind).

We’d exercise lots of caution around this particular nugget from the grapevine, but the theory is that the Mac Pro with a 48-core Apple processor would run to $11,999 (with 256GB of RAM), and the base model with 32-cores and 64GB of RAM could start at $5,499 (a hundred bucks less than the current starter configuration of Apple’s Mac Pro).

This is obviously guesswork pricing at this point, because even if these machines are in the pipeline as claimed, Apple doubtless hasn’t decided on exactly where they’ll be pitched yet.

Cores for concern?

Furthermore, @LeaksApplePro lists the breakdown of performance and efficiency cores here, and seemingly the top 64-core model will have a 48/16 split, meaning there will be 16 low-power cores. As some commenters on Twitter have pointed out, this seems like a lot of efficient cores for a seriously heavyweight desktop PC.

Theoretically, the 48-core CPU will have 12 low-power cores, and there will be 8 of them in the 32-core version of the chip, if all this is to be believed.

The rumor further contends that storage options will range from 512GB all the way up to 8TB, which is the same top-end SSD currently offered with the Mac Pro. (How much the wheels might set you back on the purported incoming models isn’t covered by the rumor, incidentally).


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