Lenovo is poised to snap up Fujitsu’s PC division

Following strong rumours that Lenovo would acquire Fujitsu’s PC business which we heard earlier this month, it seems that some manner of merger will go ahead – or is at least under serious discussion, with an official announcement being made to that effect.

Fujitsu issued a press statement to say that it’s exploring a “strategic cooperation in the realm of research, development, design and manufacturing of personal computers” with Lenovo, with the precise details still being hammered out.

The PC division, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited (FCCL), was spun off early this year, and Fujitsu echoed what it said at the start of October, namely that it had been considering a number of options when it came to the future of FCCL – although it now appears to have settled on the Lenovo route.

Going for growth 

The statement noted that Lenovo wanted to grow its core PC business – and indeed it has to, in order to stay ahead of rapidly closing rival HP Inc, which is now a very close second place to Lenovo in terms of PC sales. But it also noted that the Fujitsu brand wasn’t going anywhere, and PCs carrying the name would still be sold.

As well as these two PC manufacturers, the Development Bank of Japan is also involved in the discussions, set to provide financial support for the move (obviously enough).

The current state of affairs is that: “Fujitsu and Lenovo will continue their discussion in pursuit of a mutually beneficial collaboration.”

In all likelihood, given this announcement has now been made – and wouldn’t have been made lightly – we’ll probably hear something about the final deal before very long.

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